Removing Complications From Divorce Proceedings

At the Law Offices of Rachel C. Dodds, the primary goal of the divorce practice is to remove complications from divorce proceedings. Attorney Dodds accomplishes this by educating clients from throughout the Cleveland area and the surrounding counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga and Portage, listening to their needs and providing answers to their most important questions.

Understanding The Most Important Aspects Of Divorce

For most of the firm's clients, two aspects of divorce are most important: assets and children.

To those clients with valuable assets, the property division process can present many challenges. The fear of losing the family home or retirement accounts can take precedence over many other important aspects. In order to alleviate fears, attorney Dodds takes the time to understand her clients' financial situations. Armed with understanding, she can then explain the positive and negative aspects related to each piece of property or account, providing guidance that will ensure her clients' future financial security.

When it comes to divorces involving children, Ms. Dodds understands that most clients feel that aspects other than child custody, child support and parenting time matter little. Thanks to her experience in Ohio juvenile courts, she also understands the effects that legal proceedings can have on minor children, which leads her to work diligently to protect not only her clients but also their relationships with their children and those children's futures.

Knowledge Is Power During Divorce

By providing knowledge to her clients in the form of explanations of the divorce process, the timeline and realistic outcomes, the lawyer at the Law Offices of Rachel C. Dodds does not only offer representation but also guidance. She will work with you to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Are You Ready For A Personalized Guide To Divorce?

If you are ready to begin the divorce process and you would like a legal guide who will provide personalized assistance, regardless of your situation, look no further than attorney Dodds. By calling 440-287-7731 or sending an email to schedule a free initial consultation at the Chagrin Falls law office, you can learn why her law firm has a reputation for providing experienced, affordable and professional legal services.