Guidance In Estate Administration

Probate is the process of collecting a decedent's assets, paying bills and creditors, and distributing the remaining assets according to the wishes expressed in a will. If there is no will, then the Ohio laws of intestacy are followed.

Commonly referred to as estate administration, probate can be a complex process that exposes an individual to litigation if errors are made. The Law Offices of Rachel C. Dodds, in Chagrin Falls, helps individuals who have been named executors of an estate navigate the probate process.

A Compassionate Approach

With an understanding that this is an emotional time for loved ones of a decedent, Ms. Dodds brings a compassionate and sensitive approach to estate and trust administration. She helps clear up trust and tax issues while providing ample space for family and friends to grieve.

Many times, assets do not have to pass through probate if there is a surviving spouse and a house, retirement accounts or other assets owned in joint tenancy. Ms. Dodds will review all assets and identify those that can pass to beneficiaries outside of probate.

Some individuals prefer to avoid probate by developing trusts that keep the estate administration process private. Proper estate planning with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer can accomplish this.

Also, if there is a dispute regarding an aspect of the will or how estate administration is being handled, Ms. Dodds will work to resolve the matter efficiently and effectively.

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