The Time To Create An Estate Plan Is Now

Few things are postponed by more people than creating a comprehensive estate plan. Too many individuals incorrectly believe that estate plans are either for the very wealthy or the elderly.

That is flat-out wrong.

If you have loved ones in your life, then you need an estate plan. No one knows when they will die, yet nearly everyone has thoughts on how they want the assets they have worked hard to accumulate distributed upon their death. Without a will in place, these decisions will be left to the state to make.

Providing A Wide Range Of Estate Planning Services

If you have worked hard to accumulate assets in your life, then it is your fortune. You want it to be treated properly upon your death.

At the Law Offices of Rachel C. Dodds in Chagrin Falls, attorney Dodds works closely with residents of northeastern Ohio to help them create a comprehensive estate plan that clearly defines their wishes. The basic elements of any estate plan include a will and durable power of attorney for both financial matters and medical decisions. Powers of attorney designate someone you trust to make important financial and medical decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated.

In some situations, trusts may be a necessary component of an estate plan. A trust is used to address unique situations, such as caring for a special needs child, making charitable contributions or distributing assets to beneficiaries only after certain requirements have been met (like graduating from college or reaching a certain age).

Ms. Dodds will draft whatever documents are necessary to achieve your goals.

Does Your Existing Estate Plan Need Updating?

If you have an existing estate plan that has not been reviewed in five years or more, it is time to make sure it still achieves your goals. Life changes — divorce, remarriage, becoming a grandparent — often lead to significant modifications to existing estate plans. Reviewing your plan with an experienced estate planning lawyer like Ms. Dodds is a good idea.

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