Estate Planning FAQs

I am not wealthy, why should I consult with an estate planning attorney?

Two common excuses for avoiding estate planning are "I am not wealthy" and "I am too young." Estate planning is equally important for people with substantial wealth as well as those with modest assets.

Most persons, including young people, will benefit with a consultation with an estate planning attorney. An estate should be planned as though incapacitation or death will happen at any time

What is a will?

A written document that states how the testator would like his or her probate property to be distributed after death. It is important to contact a licensed attorney to oversee the drafting and execution of your will. Specific formal requirements must be met in order for a court to recognize the will as valid.

I already have a will. When do I need to review and possibly update my estate plan?

You should consult with a licensed attorney upon any major life changes such as marriage/divorce, remarriage, birth or adoption of children, and/or a significant change in assets.

What are some advantages to having a revocable trust vs. a will?

  • The terms of a trust are contained in a private document, while the terms of a will become a matter of public record
  • Avoidance of probate for trust assets
  • Avoidance of out-of-state probate proceedings

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